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Our priority is understanding the key factors affecting your customer lifecycle.

What's the state of your industry? What are the trends you can capitalize on and niches where you can excel? Who are your competitors, and what are their advantages?

Our research

1 Market research & competitive analysis

What's the state of your industry? What are the trends you can capitalize on and niches where you can excel? Who are your competitors, and what are their advantages?

To become a leader in your industry, you need to do more than excel at your differentiation: You need to intimately understand competitors' advantages and leverage them into your offering.

For any startup to live up to its full potential, it needs to understand the full complexity of its market and audience. Armed with these vital insights, you will better understand how your startup can be in the best position to obtain mass-market scalability and become an industry leader.

2 Customer discovery & creating personas

Who's your target customer? What do they value, their day-to-day lifestyle, challenges, and how does your company fit and provide a solution?

Every growth strategy requires an understanding of how your brand fits into the customers' lifestyles. We accomplish this by creating in-depth buyer personas: Profiles of your target customers, from their bio to their values to their work and home life and more.

The personas will guide every customer-facing action your company takes. You will know exactly who your customers are to better focus your time and money more efficiently on the consumer who will be easier to convert, retain, and provide the most LTV.

3 Positioning & crafting messaging

What is your customer looking for? What is their perception of your brand? Does your messaging align with their values? Are you meeting your customers where they are?

The most considerable disconnect a startup has is the difference between what founders value and what customers value. Most founders make a costly mistake: Assuming they know what customers care about and what they need to sell.

Based on the detailed buyer personas, we'll deep dive into your site content, paid social, email, and SMS marketing, among other customer-facing communications, to make sure perform they align with what your target audience values most.

4 Journey mapping & funnel optimization

What are the best opportunities at each funnel stage? What are the top channels? How are customers navigating your site? Where are the breaks in the customer journey?

With buyer personas and positioning intact, we'll analyze your current customer journey and user behavior to determine how your customer experience is performing.

We'll outline what to improve to create the best conversion, retention, and referral opportunities, including a future-state journey map, which will visualize the ideal customer journey based on your specific buyer personas. We'll also determine your top acquisition channels to allocate your paid media spend strategically.


Stop spending vital resources on areas that don't deliver results.

You may be a frontrunner in your niche, but you're still competing for share-of-wallet within the broader, mainstream market.

For growing startups, unnecessary data can keep you focused on tracking the wrong metrics when looking for growth, leading to months of iteration, shifting the focus away from the customer experience and increasing attrition.

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